Our conscience leaves us no other choice….

As Teachers of Professional Conscience we object to the use of toxic high stakes testing.   We object to the commodification of children as a source of income for testing corporations.  We object to the sorting, ranking, labeling, and culling of children based on high stakes test scores.

We have written Letters of Professional Conscience to our school boards, our administrators, and have asked that we be allowed to refuse to administer toxic and high stakes testing –  or –  the district may require that we administer these tests despite our objections. At that point in time, we as professionals will need to make an important decision.  Will we become “conscientious objectors” and refuse to administer the test?

If you feel you agree with these principles, please consider writing your own Letter of Professional Conscience.  We will post these letters here on our blog and will deliver them to the United States Department of Education, Congress, our Governors and State School Officers, and our President yearly until we end the abuse of children through toxic high stakes testing.


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